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Builders, general contractors, construction workers that specialise in building; there are many different titles you can give our Lancashire builders but the one thing that is constant is our commitment to produce top quality work.

If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right. Our Lancashire builders ensure that the work you need doing is done properly by our local qualified and experienced tradesmen.
Building work, which can stretch from building garden walls to large extensions and beyond, does not come cheap? Why run the risk of employing someone who can't get you the end result you need yet is still happy to charge you for the privilege? Our Lancashire builders do it right. If you haven't worked with a builder before then this guide will help you understand the best way to approach the working relationship.

Hiring a builder. It is essential that you are happy with your choice of builder. Undertaking a building project, regardless of the size of the job can be an involved process so you need to know that you can trust your builder, are confident in their skills and qualifications and that you can communicate well with them.
Is your builder registered with the FMB? The Federation of Master Builders (FMD) is the largest UK association with deals with the building sector. It is a trade association and was establish to protect the interests of small and medium sized building firms.

The membership criterion includes a strict vetting process. As part of this process certain checks are made so that you can be sure that when you are employable a FMD member that you are employing someone who:

• Offers industry guarantees,
• Has been trading for at least three years
• Who has had their work (in progress) inspected
• Has adequate insurances
• Has signed up to the FMB Code of practice.

These are just some of the checks that are undertaken

Check your builder's references. Our Lancashire builders are proud of the work that they have undertaken. They welcome the questions that you should be asking to ensure that you are confident in your builder. Check references, listen to local recommendations and ensure that feedback received is relevant to the work that you require doing.

Get more than one quote before hiring. Lancashire builders not only produce first rate work but are confident that their pricing is competitive. If a quote is very cheap compared to others you have received then the chances are that is really is too good to be true. Obtain at least three different quotes to ensure that the prices you are being charge are industry standard. Also ask for a breakdown of how the quote was calculated. You should be fully aware of what you are paying for.

Check your builder has adequate public liability insurance. Building work that you have done can affect your home and contents insurance. It is imperative that you ensure your builder has adequate insurance before starting work. You can be confident that our Lancashire builders are all fully covered. We are firm believers in better safe than sorry!
Have everything in writing. Ensure that you have a contract with your builder detailing exactly what work needs to be done and that this matches up with the quote you have received. Confirm start and finish dates and agree to hold back a retention payment (usually 5% of the full amount owed) until the entire project has been completed and you are happy with the work. Don't pay up front unless a formal contract is in place.

Keep communicating!

Talk to your builder, arrange for regular updates to be given in a way that ensures you are kept up to date and that the builder can get on with the work in hand. If you have any concerns, refer back to the contracts and plans in place and make sure you discuss them.

Lancashire builders pride themselves on their professionalism, their skill and their customer service. Don't take risks when employing a builder, follow this guide and get in touch with us. You can be confident that we will produce top quality work.

Introducing New Builders on the Block Fusion Worx – Top Builders in Blackpool That Double House Prices in Months

There is a multitude of builders in Lancashire however few can boast that they have doubled the asking price of a house in just three months. The team at Fusion Worx certainly can.

Fusion Worx are a company of builders in Lancashire that go the extra mile for their customers, cutting costs while refusing to compromise on quality.

Anyone with any interest in home building, renovation or interior design will no doubt at some point have tuned into the DIY and building shows that are regularly broadcasted. The beauty of these shows is that they make even the largest and most elaborate project seem effortless. In the real world the builders in Preston are constantly on the go ensuring that their customers are involved every step of the way.

Fusion Worx recently took on a house in Preston New Road, Blackburn which involved completely renovating a house. The dedicated team removed walls, added steel supports, installed state of the art Velux windows and sky lights, had an electrician in to completely rewire the property and arranged for a Blackpool plumber to re-plum the property and install a new and efficient central heating system.

This epic project took the firm just three months which is an impressive deadline for such an extensive project. The costs of the changes were just £37,000 and to the owner's delight the new estimated house price, based on the size and quality of the renovation is £475,00. Considering the property was bought for £265,000 it is unsurprising that the owners are thrilled with the transformation and the fact that their property value has almost doubled in just three months.

"This was amongst some of the largest projects that the firm has taken on to date and was a rip-roaring success due to the hard work, determination and skill from those on the Fusion Worx team" reports the very proud Fusion Worx Director.

One of the main reasons that Fusion Worx, a relatively young company, has proven to be so popular with clients around the Lancashire area is their ever-present commitment to quality service that puts the customer's needs, wants and wishes first. Renovation and rebuilding work entails a significant amount of planning. In order to ensure all plans are the very best that they can be, Fusion Worx get the property owners involved.

Whether the project is a kitchen renovation or a large conversion, Fusion Work insists on working hand in hand with the client to ensure that the plans written include everything that is wanted and needed. After all, as the team quite rightly insist, "We don't have to use the kitchen every day, the client does. It is essential therefore that the designs are made with the family's comfort and taste in mind".

Fusion Worx are the place to go to obtain a realistic quote for all types of work in the Lancashire area and to discuss your building needs.

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